Jaquith Travis(non-registered)
Good afternoon Chaya:
I am enjoying your photographs and look forward to seeing more. When I am not making art I too am a photographer. I love nature, landscapes, birds, etc. Your close-up photos of the bird's heads are delightful. It is exciting to see the expressions you caught. Keep on clicking.
meryl young(non-registered)
this is lovely, chaya. thank you so much for sharing your art and photos and spirit .
Debra Arbuckle(non-registered)
Loved seeing your photos. Nice site.
Laurel Hecht(non-registered)
Nice site! I never know you were a photographer, but now I do! The pics are really interesting. I love seeing upclose images. Thanks for sharing this with me.
Barbra MacNair(non-registered)
Love the opening slide show. The site is beautiful and elegant. Love your artists statement.
Maggie Morales(non-registered)
LOVE your site...AND the wonderful musica that goes along with it!!
Wow! I love your nature photos. Website looks great so far!
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