Chaya Spector, | About

Artist Statement:

I feel as though I have been a photographer all of my life. I have always stopped to see and compose, even when I am without camera in hand. I learned early on to look at what’s behind me, as well as what’s in front of me. Behind me is often where the image is. My goal with photography is to share the wonders of nature and time. By “time” I mean moments, fleeting moments, moments that all too easily pass us by. If one person, who views my photos, slows down and “sees” these wonders, I have accomplished my goal.

Artist Biography:

Chaya is a self taught Photographer and mixed media artist living
in Ithaca, having moved back here from the Oakland California, where
she lived for the past 28 years.

Nature has been a primary source for her images, being drawn in by
the many colors and textures. Whether photographing nature or people,
she fills her frame with both nuance and simplicity.

Chaya has exhibited her work in Ithaca New York, at Smedley’s (1979) and State of the Art Gallery, Moosewood Restaurant. In San Francisco and Oakland, she has had pieces at the California Modern Gallery in SF, in Ithaca, NY, the Napa Library, Go West at the Richmond Art Center and SomArts, S.F. as well as various Cafes in the bay area. Her work has been published in Birders World, 2004, Cal Photo Journal of Photography, and website.

She has been working with her partner Bridgett and The CITTI Project, (Community Inclusion Through Technology International) at for which they are the founders.

After moving back to Ithaca NY she has  more time available, as well as a renewed interest in mixed media and other forms of  art.  She has now added a  segment here showing her recent pieces.